54-step Deep healthy cleaning service

We work very hard to be a professional, competent company delivering the product our customer’s needs and desire. We will always go out of our way, even sacrificing our standard grounds to ensure that our customers are satisfied and their needs met. We are committed to improving our employees’ lives by providing a quality place of work and stressing honesty, fairness, integrity, teamwork and dependability.

Our Unique 54-Step Deep Healthy Cleaning Service

Our services are always guaranteed to meet and even exceed the set standards while not compromising the price.

Our unique time and motion cleaning techniques enable our teams to work with maximum efficiency. Our 54-Step Deep Healthy Cleaning System includes 54 quality-cleaning tasks, designed to remove more dirt and contaminants than any other cleaning system. Our regular 54-Step cleaning includes:

Kitchen Cleaning

1. Empty Trash
2. Scrub and clean Kitchen Sinks
3. Wash Windows over the Kitchen Sink
4. Clean and disinfect countertops and backsplash (all items removed and replaced)
5. Damp wipe Cabinet Doors, Doorframes and Switch Plates
6. Clean Baseboards
7. Clean Inside and outside microwave and toasters.
8. Clean Appliance Interior and Exteriors
9. Clean outside the Fridge.
10. Clean and organize inside the Fridge.
11. Wipe down Table and Chairs.
12. Wash Dishes
13. Vacuum and wash Kitchen Floors
14. Load Dishwasher
15. Organize inside Cabinets

The products we use have been pre-tested to ensure their effectiveness, leaving the customer’s home clean, disinfected and deodorized. The Brazil Cleaning products are nontoxic and environmentally preferable.

Bathroom Cleaning

Healthy Cleaning16. Vacuum first to remove all hair and dust.
17. Wash, Disinfect, Scrub tub and tiles.
18. Disinfect Toilets inside and out
19. Clean and Shine Chrome fixtures
20. Clean Windowsills (blinds dusted upon request)
21. Clean Mirror, Sink and Cabinets.
22. Clean Baseboard, doors windows.
23. Clean & Disinfect Bathroom Floors
24. Change Towels
25. Empty Trash

Bedroom Cleaning

26. Make Beds/Change Linens
27. Straighten Cushions and pillows
28. Dust and Clean Lamps and lampshades
29. Dust and Polish Furniture – top, front and underneath
30. Clean Mirrors
31. Dust and Clean baseboard, windows sills, doors and doors frames and switch plates.
32. Wipe down pictures frames, light fixtures and lamps.
33. Vacuum and wash hardwood floors with appropriate cleaning supply.
34. Vacuum floor and carpet, especial under the bed and furniture.
35. Empty Trash

 Other Living Areas, including Hallways and Stairs

Healthy Cleaning36. Vacuum and Clean Upholstered furniture
37. Fluffe Cushions and pillows
38. Dust and Clean Ceiling fans
39. Dust and Clean Lamps lampshades
40. Dust and Clean Picture frames
41. Dust and Clean Furniture – on top, on front and underneath
42. Vacuum and/or wash Hardwood floors
43. Vacuum and/or wash Tile floors
44. Vacuum and/or wash Hallways
45. Vacuum Carpets
46. Clean Windowsills
47. Clean Baseboards
48. Remove Fingerprints from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates
49. Vacuum Stairs

Our one-of-a-kind, vacuum system which captures 60 percent more dirt and contaminants than other vacuums. Nobody gets your home cleaner.

50. Remove Cobwebs
51. Dust Sills & Ledges
52. Dust Wall Hangings

Today homes have been built virtually airtight and have become saturated with particles and allergens such as dust mites, animal dander, mold, mildew and insect debris. We at Brazil cleaning services has quality control built into the entire home cleaning system from the products we use to the services we provide.

53. Clean Entry & Patio Door Windows
54. Empty Trash

We also keep your baseboards, blinds, window sills, door ledges and ceiling fans clean.

Deep and Healthy Cleaning truly is a breath of fresh air.

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